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FoodGem Beta Party

Originally published on (no longer an active site).

We’ve had a busy past couple of weeks as we prepared for the launch of our site and food delivery platform and we definitely celebrated the big milestone in true FoodGem style with friends and family at Tap Room No. 307 on Friday November 14th.

The evening started off with mingling and drinks as we all got to know the guests of our fellow FoodGem team members and new potential subscribers. The atmosphere was full of energy with everyone unwinding from the busy workweek and chattering excitedly about FoodGem.

The night got more exciting when a crew from Sinovision came in to interview members of the FoodGem team including Co-founders Alice and John and core team members James Z, and Richard. The team members talked about how FoodGem has evolved and the many ways in which our food delivery platform will be sure to satisfy our customers.

But the most entertaining part of the process was definitely when James (not exactly the Anderson Cooper type) did an impromptu interview of John at the request of the Sinovision team. 

Later on in the evening the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived. John called for everyone to pull out their phones, which as true millennials we all did with no hesitation, and go to As per his instructions we all signed up and became among the first people to test out the new log in feature for! It was definitely a very satisfying moment for all of us on the team (especially, I’m sure, for John who has spent endless hours developing the site).

To keep the fun going, John and Alice announced the winners of a contest we’d been holding to see which team member could get the most users to sign up. The winners were the always sociable (no doubt contributing to their success) James Z. and Jack! James won a month of delicious FoodGem meals by signing up 90 people and Jack won 3 weeks with his impressive 79. Our bronze star was Charles who signed up a total of 54 people.

We were famished after all the exciting announcements, and we are FoodGem after all, so we got to chow down after the boys’ big win. Tap Room No. 307 is known for its delicious and out of the box bar food and they definitely showed what they’re about with the yummy snacks they provided. We feasted on mouth-watering quesadillas, guacamole and margherita pizza (it was all #foodgemapproved)!

Overall the night was incredibly fun and a great way to celebrate what we hope to be the first of many successes for FoodGem. We would like to thank everyone who accompanied us for our big launch, but also those of you who weren’t able to attend but have been supporting us by reading our magazine and following us on Facebook and Instagram. We are so appreciative of all your support and are excited to keep bringing you new surprises and more amazing food. We are FoodGem, and we are here to learn what you like and deliver what you love.

Publication Name: FoodGem

Date of Publication: November 20th, 2014

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