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Nish Nush: Delicious Food In A New York Minute 

Originally published on (no longer an active site).

Nish Nush is a great place to grab some quality, fresh food, fast. If you’re in Tribeca, or anywhere really, since they do deliver, this is a spectacular spot to get a quick lunch that will really be high quality. With an assembly line similar to that of Chipotle, you can be guaranteed that your food will make it to your mouth quickly and the top-notch ingredients will appease your appetite.

Despite the fact that the food is put together rather quickly, the individual ingredients are prepared and picked out with great care. All of the ingredients used here are fresh and flavorful and the amazing falafel, hummus, and pita bread are all made from scratch daily. Some ingredients are imported all the way from Israel. According to Shy, one of the three partners who oversee the business, they chose to go vegetarian because it is healthier and you can create a lot of amazing dishes using only veggies. Not only is Nish Nush a vegetarian haven, but it’s also Kosher certified.

The vibe is very casual and hip. The restaurant appears very modern with its metal furnishings and industrial aesthetic, but it definitely takes on its Mediterranean roots with small details such as the ornamental tea pots in one corner, and its peculiar chick pea table tops.

On our visit to Nish Nush my colleague and I were blown away by the scrumptious Mediterranean dishes we had. I tried the deluxe sandwich, which contained all three of the signature falafel flavors (green, roasted red pepper, and spinach with mushroom), hummus, and veggies, and it was delicious. The pita bread was incredible, warm and soft as if it had just been taken out of the oven; the crisp veggies paired incredibly well with the spicy and flavorful falafel. It was like a Mediterranean explosion of flavor. My colleague had the falafel trio and he was also impressed according to, him it was the best falafel he’d had in New York, definitely better than from any Halal cart. Nish Nush might be Hebrew for snack, but the dishes were definitely a lot bigger and more intricate than a snack; this is definitely a place to go to if you’re super hungry because the portions will surely fill you up.

According to Shy, though all of the options here are hits, there is one special dish that is for sure a knock out. If you’re looking for a special treat, Nish Nush makes a special dish that is sold only on weekends and made in limited quantity since it takes all night to cook. The dish is called Jahnun and it consists of oven-roasted pita made from dough that is slowly cooked, an egg, special tomato sauce, and salad. This dish is so exclusive that it isn’t even on the official menu and sells out within an hour of opening. If you’re into amazing and exclusive foodie cuisine, this dish is definitely worth waking up a little early on a Saturday to get (not too early though, Nish Nush opens at 11).


This Nish Nush location is currently the only one, but the three partners who run it, friends since childhood, are looking to expand and bring their delectable food to other areas of Manhattan. In the meantime, you should definitely check out their current location. If you’re looking for a meal that is fresh, healthy, and delicious without trying too hard, Nish Nush definitely has something for you. Whether you want some amazing falafel, their super secret specialty dish, or one of their savory smoothies, Nish Nush will not disappoint.

Publication Name: FoodGem

Date of Publication: October, 2014

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